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29 Lessons from 29 Years

I just realized that I didn’t post a “28 Lessons from 28 years” on my birthday last year. I also realized over a week late that I didn’t write one on my birthday this year either. Before senility fully sets

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10 Lessons from My First 400 Pound Bench Press

400 pound bench press

Two weeks ago, I completed my first 400 pound bench press. This had been a goal of mine since the second I hit my first 315 press, which was a LONG time ago. The journey from the 3’s to the

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27 Lessons from 27 Years

Today is my 27th birthday. Looking back, 26 was pretty awesome. I got engaged. I got a job at one of the greatest training facilities on the planet. I won my first Best Lifter award. And of course, I met

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26 Lessons from 26 Years

Today I turn 26 years old. My girlfriend and I had an interesting conversation yesterday when she asked me if, when I was younger, I had any idea what I wanted to do by the time I was 26. Well,

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