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Right Link/Wrong Link: Tweaking Single Leg Exercises for Hypertrophy

I’ll be the first to admit it: I hate single leg exercises. Lunges, split squats, step-ups, they’re all torture as far as I’m concerned. But I hate them a lot less – and value them a lot more – after

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Technique Tuesday: How to Keep Your Knees Out while Squatting

knees out while squatting

This week’s Technique Tuesday (brought to you by CSP Mass) is all about how to keep your knees out while squatting. Lord knows I’ve struggled with this issue before (read about how I fixed my squat problems here, here and here), but

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Posted in Cressey Sports Performance, Powerlifting, Technique Tuesdays – 7 Farmer’s Walk Variations for Improved Core Strength

Pick up something heavy. Carry it around. Put it down. Rest. Repeat. Can something this simple be too good to be true? Not in this case. Farmer’s walks build head-to-toe strength and coordination in a way that other weight room

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Posted in Lists, Articles – Improve Your Squat Depth with 5 Easy Warm-Up Exercises

Squat depth is a funny thing. When people start lifting, they usually squat high. They don’t know how low they’re supposed to go, or they’re scared if they go too low, they won’t be able to stand back up. Then,

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Posted in Lists, Articles, Tips and Tricks – 3 Exercises That Get You Herculean Hamstrings

The hamstrings might have it worse than any other muscle group in the body. They sit below the waist and on the backside of the body. Unless you’re running around in a Speedo, no one’s going to see your hamstrings at

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – 7 Tips to Master Single Leg Exercises

If you play a sport that doesn’t require you to spend significant time on one leg, you’re not playing a real sport. Running, jumping, cutting, kicking and throwing all require the legs to act independently of one another to create speed

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My 3 Favorite Set and Rep Schemes for Fast Muscle Gains

A few weeks ago, I was training a client and had a funny interaction with my co-worker Steve. I was explaining to the client the difference in rep ranges for building strength and building muscle. “To build muscle,” I said,

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