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Technique Tuesday: Coaching Hip Rotation During the Med Ball Scoop Toss

scoop toss

The rotational med ball scoop toss is a staple exercise for our CSP athletes because it develops power in the transverse plane to help our guys and gals throw harder and hit bombs at the plate. And while many of

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Power Development for Powerlifters: 3 Underutilized Methods

power development

Power development for powerlifters sounds pretty redundant. I mean, they’ve got “power” in their name so they must be pretty powerful, right? Actually, powerlifters have the most deceiving title in all of strength sports. Strongmen are indeed strong and weightlifters

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The Lost Art of Attacking the Barbell

lost art

If there’s one thing that great lifters have in common, it’s the ability to attack the barbell with controlled violence. This lost art of focused aggression is often what separates the pretty strong from the insanely strong. Watch some of

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Bench Edition)

between sets

Last week’s Technique Tuesday discussed what you should do between sets of squats, so naturally, this week focuses on the bench press. Remember, your “A2” exercise should do one of three things: Mobilize (in this case, thoracic spine mobility) Activate

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My latest article on is one I wish I could go back in time and read to my former self. The summer after my senior year of high school, I heeded the advice of many coaches and college players

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Hey everyone, great news! My first article has been published on I’m pretty jacked up about it because Stack is a great source of training/nutrition information with some pretty notable contributors. In case you haven’t heard of Stack before,

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