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What You Get vs. What You Become

what you become

I was listening to the Success Hotline last week on the way to work and had an ah-ha moment. Dr. Rob Gilbert, a sports psychology professor at Montclair State University, told a story about the difference between his students who

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Monday Motivation: What I’m Reading This Week

Some of you may recall that when I’m not lifting or training people, I’m a sports information assistant at a Division II university on Long Island. It’s kind of a hobby of mine (and by hobby I mean how I

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Monday Motivation: The Power of Measurement

“What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker This quote holds true in so many aspects of life. Things that get written down tend to hold higher priority compared to things that are restricted to our memory. Written goals often

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Monday Motivation: 5 Ways to Salvage Crappy Workouts

Ray Lewis taught us all something about dealing with adversity. The 37-year-old Baltimore Ravens linebacker could very well have played his last NFL game after tearing his triceps in October, but he returned to the field on Sunday after missing

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Monday Motivation

Mondays get a bad rap. Most people dread the thought of five grueling work days til┬áresponsibility┬ádisappears for a precious 48 hours. But some of us love Mondays. And what’s not to love? Monday Night Football, National Bench Press Day, and

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