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Technique Tuesday: Push-Up Variations for Cranky Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders


Chances are if you’ve trained hard for any period of time, you’ve doneĀ a push-up and experienced pain or discomfort in your wrists, elbows or shoulders. That’s not surprising since you’re asking some relatively small joints to support a lot of

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Environmental Cues to Fix Your Push-Ups


Push-ups can get really ugly really fast if they’re not coached properly. And often times we use push-ups with beginners because their fairly basic – or so it’s thought. Push-ups are actually pretty tough, and if you overload a beginner

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4 Push-Up Variations for Upper Body Strength

I consider myself a bench press guy. I’m built for it. I’ve got T-Rex arms and have always been better at pressing than pulling. And while the bench press is one of my favorite exercises, I’d be lying if I

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