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Technique Tuesday: Scapular Position During Pressing Exercises

scapular position

Scapular position during pressing exercises is crucial for strength and shoulder health. Should your scaps stay locked in one position? Should they move around? Some of both? The answer depends on what pressing exercise you’re doing. There are some crucial

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4 Push-Up Variations for Upper Body Strength

I consider myself a bench press guy. I’m built for it. I’ve got T-Rex arms and have always been better at pressing than pulling. And while the bench press is one of my favorite exercises, I’d be lying if I

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – 3 Post-Activation Potentiation Combos for Explosive Strength

As the high-school and professional baseball season approaches, more and more of our athletes are Cressey Sports Performance have shifted their training focus from maximal strength to maximal speed. Baseball, like most team sports, relies heavily on lightning-fast movements, so the

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Posted in Articles, Tips and Tricks – Flexibility Fillers: 3 Exercises to Make the Most of Your Rest Periods

When it comes to warming up, most people fall into one of two groups: the group that spends 45 minutes rolling and stretching everything, or the group that does a couple arm circles and says “let’s go!” Neither group is making

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Posted in Articles, Tips and Tricks – 7 Reasons Why Your Bench Press is Weak

I love dinosaurs. When I was little, my favorite toys were my plastic T-Rex and Triceratops. My second favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park (a close second to Jaws. I have a soft spot for Spielberg films about

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Pushup Progressions

I like to keep things simple. Pushups are simple, so I like them. One of the most common exercise questions I hear people ask (right next to “how much ya bench?” and “are squats bad for your knees?” [answers: “Not

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4 Quick Tips for Bigger Arms

The weekend is here and that can only mean two things for the young adult male population – schmedium t-shirts and late-night attempts to impress the ladies. I haven’t looked at the data regarding the correlation between small shirts, big

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