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Right Link/Wrong Link: Pushup Progressions

I like to keep things simple. Pushups are simple, so I like them. One of the most common exercise questions I hear people ask (right next to “how much ya bench?” and “are squats bad for your knees?” [answers: “Not

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Triceps Kickbacks vs. Skull Crushers

Triceps are where it’s at. Biceps get all the credit, but it’s the three-headed next door neighbor that deserves the spotlight. Whether you’re benching 315, delivering a block in football or filling out your shirt sleeves, the triceps should be

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Pull-Ups

I had the privilege of having Fred DiMenna, a former WNBF pro bodybuilder and exercise physiology PhD, as a professor in grad school. Fred is hands down one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met, and he’s got a serious

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Exercise Creativity Gone Wrong

Coaches and trainers are always seeking ways to add variety into training programs. It’s easy to stick with the same exercises and just change sets, reps and exercise order. But to really keep things interesting, you’ve gotta get creative. Too

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