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Technique Tuesday: How to Use Your Glutes During the Squat Setup


The glutes play a vital role in a proper squat. They’re involved in extension, external rotation and internal rotation of the hip, all of which happen at some point during the squat. They also posteriorly tilt the pelvis, which is

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Technique Tuesday: Breaking Bad Box Squat Habits

box squat

The box squat makes its way into a lot of programs that I write for athletes. It’s a decent way to learn how to squat, and it can help athletes train a squat pattern if they struggle with keeping a

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Technique Tuesday: Squat to Stand Workarounds

squat to stand

The Squat to Stand drill is one of my favorite warm-up exercises to help groove a nice squat pattern. However, some people have a hard time getting into the bottom position. Either they can’t keep their chest up or they

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Squat Edition)

between sets

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What should you do between sets?” Besides just sitting there and resting (which is totally fine), you can make good use of your rest periods by focusing on one of three things:

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Technique Tuesday: Active vs. Passive Stability During the Squat

passive stability

Learning to creative active versus passive stability is an important concept for any lifter. Most people create passive stability, meaning they rely on an end-range position or the bar to create tightness (not always a good thing). From a performance

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8 Lessons from My First 600 Pound Deadlift


A few weeks ago, I hit my first 600-pound deadlift. Although far from a world-class number, it’s a big milestone for me. It was my first triple-bodyweight pull and marked a long road of retooling my deadlift from awful to

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Problem Solving with Paused Reps – Squat Edition

shoulder pain

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” This quote applies nicely to powerlifting because technique ultimately limits the amount of weight you can lift, and your technique eventually breaks down due to your weakest link. This three-part series will focus

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