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Technique Tuesday: Making Squats More Joint Friendly

When it comes to pain during squats, most people think knees, hips and lower back. But what if back squats bug your shoulders and elbows? Traditional low-bar back squatting can make these joints pretty cranky over time, especially if you’re

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6 Ways to Reduce Shoulder Pain During Squats

shoulder pain

The squat may be the king of all lower body exercises, but if you’ve ever squatted heavy, you know that it’s extremely taxing on the upper body too. So taxing, in fact, that many people experience shoulder pain during squats at

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Technique Tuesday: How Wide is Too Wide for Squats and Sumo Deadlifts?

too wide

This week’s Technique Tuesday answers a common question: how wide is TOO wide for squats and sumo deadlifts? One might assume that wider is better because it reduces the range of motion and means you can lift more weight. That’s

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Technique Tuesday: Intro to the Giant Cambered Bar

giant cambered bar

Continuing on the theme of specialty bars, this week’s Technique Tuesday introduces the giant cambered bar. Called the GCB for short, we use this bar significantly less than the Safety Squat Bar at Cressey Sports Performance, but it still has its

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Ways to Fix Your Front Squat Setup

I won’t lie, front squats are brutal. But they’re even MORE brutal if you can’t get into a good setup position. We had a great question during our Facebook Live event (click here to re-watch it) about how to fix the

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Technique Tuesday: How to Spot the Back Squat

We often focus on how to perform the squat, bench press and deadlift during our Technique Tuesday videos, but this week we’ll shift to an often-ignored subject: how to SPOT the big lifts. This week we’ll delve into spotting the

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MyFitnessPal: 4 Simple Exercise Tweaks for Stronger Glutes

stronger glutes

By now, you probably know the best exercises for stronger glutes. Squats, deadlifts, swings, lunges, hip thrusts… these are not new ideas. But if you’ve ever coached them or done them yourself, you know that sometimes your quads or your

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