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6 Ways to Improve Your Bench Press Lockout

bench press lockout

I used to think the bench press lockout was something raw lifters didn’t need to train. If you lifted raw and you missed at┬álockout, it was because you messed up something in your setup. Or so I thought. While the

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In anticipation of this weekend’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar, I wrote a guest blog for Greg Robins over at the Strength House. It’s all about how to address your bench press sticking point with technique tweaks and accessory exercises.

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Get It Off Your Chest: 3 Tips to Shatter Your Bench Press Sticking Point

Nothing is more frustrating for a lifter than a stubborn sticking point. And for the bench press, that’s almost always two to three inches off the chest. You bring the bar down and press it back up, only to hit

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