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Technique Tuesday: 2 Unconventional Uses for the Trap Bar

trap bar

The trap bar is a fantastic tool to build strength for almost anyone. Team sport athletes and general fitness enthusiasts especially can use it as their go-to strength builder. Unfortunately, the trap bar has limited carryover to powerlifting. It’s too far removed from

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m incredibly lucky to be able to train at some awesome gyms. Between Brown University and Total Performance Sports, I’ve got literally every piece of equipment I could ever want. Factor

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How to Leg Press without Feeling like a Sissy

I used to be that guy. Every damn plate in the gym loaded on either side of the leg press. Hands on knees, quads quivering, spotter at the ready. That’s right, I used a spotter on the leg press. Knees

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