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The Last Word on Lats


The fitness world is exceptionally prone to the overreaction/under-reaction phenomenon. That is, fitness-minded people often fall victim to an all-or-nothing view of certain foods, exercises or training methodologies. Remember how scary dietary fat was in the 80’s? How about evil

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Posted in Rants – 2 Pull-Over Variations Your Back Day Needs

The Pull-over is an old-school bodybuilding exercise that was favored by greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman for its back-and-chest-building benefits. It’s pretty versatile, and just a few tweaks to your arm and elbow position can completely transform how

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Posted in Right Link/Wrong Link, Tips and Tricks – 7 Farmer’s Walk Variations for Improved Core Strength

Pick up something heavy. Carry it around. Put it down. Rest. Repeat. Can something this simple be too good to be true? Not in this case. Farmer’s walks build head-to-toe strength and coordination in a way that other weight room

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4 Push-Up Variations for Upper Body Strength

I consider myself a bench press guy. I’m built for it. I’ve got T-Rex arms and have always been better at pressing than pulling. And while the bench press is one of my favorite exercises, I’d be lying if I

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3 Bench Press Set-Up Mistakes

If you’re reading up on the bench press, you’re bound to come across a handful of consistent recommendations. If you want to press more weight, you have to do X, Y and Z. It almost sounds like there’s a one-size-fits-all solution

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Posted in Tips and Tricks – 3 Triceps Exercises for Huge Arms

Everybody wants a bigger bench press. And if you want a big bench press, you need big triceps. And if you want big triceps, you’d better read my latest article on Don’t be fooled by the skinny, polo-and-Vibrams-wearing trainer

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Posted in Lists, Articles – Are You Making These 3 Shoulder Press Mistakes?

Since starting my internship at Cressey Sports Performance, my knowledge of shoulder anatomy and function has grown by leaps and bounds. Which is great, because we work with dozens of professional baseball players on a daily basis. But we also see

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