Here’s what fitness professionals are saying about Tony Bonvechio:

cressey“Tony Bonvechio is one of the best coaches in the strength and conditioning field – period. His ability to get through to athletes to optimize movement is outstanding, but he also delivers these results in a very down-to-Earth and personable manner that makes him very popular with those with whom he works. He’s an important part of the Cressey Sports Performance staff; we’re very fortunate to have him on our team.”

Eric Cressey
President, Cressey Sports Performance



robins“I’ve never had an easier time writing a testimonial. Tony is as good as they come. I trust him to deliver not only results, but an incredible experience to anyone who works with him. Honesty and simplicity, these are what I respect most about Tony’s character in and out of the gym. You have to be confident to be honest, you have to know things well enough to make them simple. I probably could have made this review one sentence long: ‘If you’re not working with Tony in some capacity, you’re truly missing out.'”

Greg Robins
Owner and Head Coach, The Strength House
Physical Preparation Coach, Cressey Sports Performance

artemisTony is not only my colleague, but he is also my coach. I first met Tony in February 2015 when my Iron Body Studios Co-Owner, Eric Gahan and I presented an inservice at Cressey Sports Performance.

In August 2015 I then went on to attend the powerlifting seminar, Optimizing The Big Three. As someone who has trained with primarily kettlebells for the past five years or so, I was happily, completely out of my comfort zone at this powerlifting seminar. As a coach this is an area that I need to learn more about and gain more experience through practice and education. At this seminar, I had a chance to learn about barbell lifting from Tony and as a result was inspired and eager to join the Women’s Powerlifting training group at Cressey Sports Performance to continue to learn more.

Cressey is located over 20 miles from where I live in Roslindale, MA and from the training gym that I own, Iron Body Studios, in West Roxbury, MA which is a 45 minute drive without traffic and up to a one hour and fifteen minute drive with traffic. As a business owner, finding the time to do something for yourself is challenging but I knew that for both my personal and professional development it was important that I carved out the time and made the commitment to learn more about this skill and about this tool in person from Tony.

I joined the Women’s Powerlifting training group at CSP at the end of September 2015. I committed to attending training once per week in person and training on my own the other two times per week. Sometimes I was able to attend training in person two times in a week.

Last year, in December 2014 I deadlifted 245lbs for the first time on my own. When I first joined the group in September 2015, my max deadlift was 250lbs. Since deadlifting 245lbs in December 2014, I had a goal of a 275lbs deadlift but as someone who weighs in around 117lbs and 120lbs on a full stomach with clothes on, I wasn’t sure when I would hit this goal.

By staying committed to my training with Tony and to the CSP Women’s Powerlifting group, and following his programming and listening to him as a coach, within six weeks, on November 5, 2015 I reached my goal of a 275lbs deadlift. SIX WEEKS.

Fast forward another six weeks later and I competed in my very first powerlifting meet on December 13, 2015, along with a few of the other women in the group and others outside of the group from Cressey. My goal was a 300lbs deadlift this time. Another 25 pounds increase in six weeks. Again, I reach my goal of a 300lbs deadlift.

Tony’s programming and coaching helped me to increase my max deadlift by 50lbs in only TWELVE weeks. 300lbs is 2.5 times my bodyweight. Not an easy feat.

One of the biggest game changers for me was increasing speed. From Tony, I learned how to move the weight faster off the floor and to bring my hips through earlier on the pull and that is one of the key things that has helped me to lift heavier.

In my opinion, Tony is one of the best powerlifting coaches in the industry. He is well respected by both his colleagues and his clients. His experience, knowledge, eye for detail, and ability to communicate all of this combined, EFFECTIVELY, is very hard to find amongst coaches. He is a class act in that he is the ultimate professional, listens and responds thoughtfully to questions, and is extremely responsive outside of the time that I see him in person. In addition, he goes above and beyond his training hour with his clients by responding to communications outside of their training hour with him and by spending his weekends with them at powerlifting meets.

Hiring Tony as a coach and joining the CSP Women’s Powerlifting training group was one of the best decisions that I ever made. Every minute of my drive to Hudson, MA, with or without traffic, to train with Tony and the women of the group, is well worth it; if you ever have the opportunity to train with Tony, in person, or online, DO IT.

Artemis Scantalides
Co-Owner, Iron Body Studios


Here’s what Tony’s clients are saying:

“I got in touch with Tony to help me train for my first powerlifting meet. Never having done a powerlifting meet before, or worked with an online coach before (in a different country!) I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Tony honestly exceeded my expectations. He was so professional while still being personable, he was thorough and attentive in every online meeting we had, and gave quick feedback and answers to all my videos and questions. He helped me feel comfortable and prepared for the meet, and really helped me improve my form and my numbers! I definitely would not have performed as I did at the meet without his help and guidance. Thanks for being so enthusiastic and giving me the confidence and knowledge I need to keep going in the weight room!”

Edmonton, Alberta

2015-11-21 21.06.28“After shoulder surgery put me out of the game for years, I worked with Tony to develop a warm up and training regimen specific to my requirements and injury history. Seven months later, I felt great and entered my first power lifting competition at 32 years old. Not only did I cross off something from my bucket list, I smashed my personal records and took first place in my weight class. I can’t recommend individualized programming from Tony enough!”

Marlborough, Massachusetts

“Thanks to Tony’s bench press program I was able to hit a 20-pound PR of 280 on my bench press after being stuck at 260 for over a year! Tony’s program has put me back in the game and ready to compete in my next powerlifting meet. Thanks Tony for all your help!”

Cortland, New York

“I hired Tony to help me achieve my goal of a 35” vertical jump. After 6 months of training with Tony I smashed my goal, but a nice added benefit was that along the way I have improved my shoulder health, upper and lower body strength, soft tissue quality and gained a much greater understanding of programming and technique. I also dropped about 12 pounds throughout the journey. In my opinion the value for money in hiring Tony lies in the programming and technical support. Having your program sent out on a weekly basis keeps you focused and allows for greater on-the-fly adjustments based on your own feedback to allow you to get the most out of your cycle. I also believe I have improved greatly through the feedback Tony provides me on all my lifts, I can’t remember the last time I sent Tony a video and didn’t learn something – even though I consider myself a reasonably educated weekend warrior. Hiring Tony was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m confident my rate of progress wouldn’t be close to what it is now if it wasn’t for Tony.”



“I started to get serious about lifting back in 2010 and since then it has become one of the biggest passions in my life. Tony has been my go-to source for weight training info, technique advice, and programming. With Tony’s help and guidance I’ve been able to make huge gains in my strength, size, and athleticism while staying healthy and injury-free. Thanks Tony for all of the knowledge, support, and motivation that has helped me continue to crush it in the weight room.”

Villanova, Pennsylvania




“Tony was super flexible with creating a program designed to meet my goals. So many personal trainers forget about the ‘personalization’ of the training process, and subject all their clients to one, similar program. I came to Tony with the goals of increasing my vertical jump and developing lower-body explosiveness. He designed an awesome program to help meet those goals. His knowledge of personal training is unlike any trainer I have ever worked with.During our workouts, Tony was attentive to every move I made. With the heavy lower body lifts we were doing, I was very concerned about keeping my form. Tony made all the modifications and effort to make sure I was practicing good, sustainable form with exercises where many don’t practice the right form (deadllifts, squats, bench press, etc.) which often lead to injuries.I had never deadlifted in my life until I met with Tony. In 6 weeks I went from 225lb to 315lb. Weighing 148lbs it feels awesome to know I can deadlift more than TWICE my body weight!

Finally, and probably the best part about training with Tony was that he met my energy level. I was super excited to reach my goals and I can tell he was just as excited. The value of having someone who sincerely cares about meeting your goals is awesome. Tony is a great guy and I’d recommend him to anyone, regardless of their fitness goals.”

Westport, Connecticut



Before (top) and After (bottom)

“Before I began working with Tony, I had not worked-out seriously in 15 years.  Basically, I needed to start over from square one, and Tony was the perfect trainer for me. Tony has been very patient, innovative, knowledgeable, and a great listener.  Tony started me out slowly with an emphasis on working on my form and flexibility.  The results were amazing.  I am going through a divorce, and I was very blunt with Tony.  I told him I wanted a “revenge body” and he helped me achieve it in only 90 days!

I have only lost 10 pounds because I have gained so much muscle, but I have lost many inches on my waist and my big, fat gut.  I am especially proud of my back and lats.  I have the “V” look, which I have never had in my life.  I am also very proud of my squatting abilities.  I can almost touch my rear end to the ground while squatting.  I am also proud of my ability to flip a 400 pound tractor tire in the ally outside of the gym. My personal bests are 70 flips in 10 minutes and 50 flips in 7 minutes.

Tony also taught me the importance of proper nutrition combined with exercise.  With Tony’s guidance, I have developed a habit of eating very carefully and nutritiously during the week, while kicking back a little on the weekends.

A few more things about Tony.  I have a bad knee and also developed tennis elbow from work.  Tony listened to my problems and developed alternative workout routines to accommodate my physical problems.  Finally, Tony is extremely likable … a super nice guy with a great personality.  He is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him highly.  He is worth every penny!  The best money I ever spent (other than on my divorce!).”

Providence, Rhode Island

“I met Tony back in April 2014 as part of a physical fitness consultation offered to me when I joined a new gym.  At that point my idea of getting into shape involved me showing up to the gym and trudging through an hour or more of mindless cardio, and hating every minute of it.

I had never been one to experiment with weight machines and you would have never found me venturing into the free weight area (never mind setup under a squat rack).  In full disclosure, I never intended to stay on with Tony. But here we are 6 months later. Tony’s knowledge and genuine passion for what he does got me to stick it out, or in his words ‘buy into what he’s selling.’

He has formulated personal exercise programs tailored to my abilities and goals.  During every appointment he is 100% engaged, watching every movement and providing guidance where necessary.  This guidance has helped me to successfully lose 32 pounds, lowing body fat and improving strength and mobility.

I came into this relationship with the idea that I was going on a diet, but really it has become part of my life.  I have never enjoyed the gym or looked forward to it, and now I do.  And while I know that I’m the one that had to make the choice to stick to it, I would have never gotten this far without Tony’s knowledge and encouragement.”

Providence, Rhode Island


“I started training with Tony almost four years ago while we were teammates on the St. Michael’s College baseball team. My life hasn’t been the same since. Tony and I trained together and with his knowledge and guidance I was able to structure and gear my training towards that of an ‘athlete’. He taught me proper technique, spiked an interest in strength training that until him was dormant in me, and helped me transform myself mentally and physically. I continue to seek Tony’s input in my own training today because I know I can always count on quality advice and information from a true master in the gym.”

NCAA Division II baseball player, 2011 CoSIDA Academic All-District Team

Burlington, Vermont

“I felt so confident in your knowledge and ability that I was able to release any concerns regarding injury and concentrate on form and technique. This is so critical if you are to gain maximum reward. You challenged me beyond my own limits.

Two things stand out here for me, one is the muscle tone that I have now that I did not have before working with you and the recovery time after long runs of 21 miles plus. Even after a marathon, I was fully recovered in just a couple of days.

Age is not a boundary when it comes to fitness. If you believe, and trust in your trainer and yourself, there’s  nothing  you can’t accomplish. I am thinking about an Ironman or Spartan Race in my future. I don’t believe I would have the confidence to do this if not for working with you. I will always be grateful. You rock!”

Eight-time Boston Marathon competitor
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

“After training with Tony for nearly two years, I give him all the credit for fostering my successful (and unconventional) transformation from a long distance runner to an avid power lifter. Tirelessly and meticulously, he worked with me to teach, correct, and improve my form with every exercise I’ve done and helped me achieve my strength goals. Tony’s instruction is clear and concise and he takes the time to explain why a movement is done a certain way and what the benefits are. The knowledge he instilled in me has put me on the right track to continue to get stronger and his guidance has been invaluable in setting me up to train properly for life.”

Queens, New York

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