3 Reasons to Lift Weights Slower


“[I]f you want to really build strength and muscle, you need to crush each rep as explosively as you can with perfect form. Lower the weight under control, but always lift each rep with maximal effort like you’re trying to

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Stack.com – Improve Your Squat Depth with 5 Easy Warm-Up Exercises

squat depth

Squat depth is a funny thing. When people start lifting, they usually squat high. They don’t know how low they’re supposed to go, or they’re scared if they go too low, they won’t be able to stand back up. Then,

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MyFitnessPal: Learn the Kettlebell Swing in 4 Easy Steps

kb swing myfitnesspal

I love kettlebell swings. This is not breaking news. I’ve written about them before (here and here) and I wrote about them again. This time, I wrote a piece for MyFitnessPal called “Learn the Kettlebell Swing in 4 Easy Steps“.

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Stack.com – Eat Like a Champion, Part 3: Post-Workout Nutrition

protein shake

It’s been said time and again – you don’t get bigger and stronger during your workout. It’s after the workout when you’re resting that you recover and make gains. So post-workout nutrition becomes a prime factor in making sure you get the

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3 Qualities That Separate Great Lifters from Good Lifters


This Sunday, I’ll have the honor of coaching/speaking at Greg Robin’s Optimizing the Big 3 seminar at Cressey Sports Performance. Greg is a tremendous coach, lifter and mentor. He’s made a huge impact on my coaching career and I can

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GymMateApp.com – 3 Tips for More Efficient Workouts


I fell in love with lifting weights during college. Which was awesome, because the gym was always a quick walk from my dorm room. And the dining hall was all-you-could-eat, so there was no excuse not to get huge. I

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SheerStrengthLabs.com – 3 Exercises That Get You Herculean Hamstrings

sheer strength labs hamstrings

The hamstrings might have it worse than any other muscle group in the body. They sit below the waist and on the backside of the body. Unless you’re running around in a Speedo, no one’s going to see your hamstrings at

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