3 Worst Core Exercises for Baseball (and What to Do Instead)


Baseball players undoubtedly need tons of core strength. But what does “core strength” even mean? The term has been bastardized to the point that Fred DiMenna, my grad school professor and former WNBF pro bodybuilder, would say “I don’t know

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My high school baseball coach was one of the most influential people in my young life. Coach Degre was a junior high health teacher and fireman, yet still found time to coach our team. And he didn’t just coach. He

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How Exercise F.O.M.O. is Killing Your Gains


On October 11, I’ll hit the platform at the RPS Power Challenge in Everett, Mass., for the seventh meet of my powerlifting career. I’m shooting for a 1500 total and a double bodyweight bench press. In March, I went 8-for-9 with a

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3 Tips to Help You Write Better


I’ve spent the past three days in Las Vegas at the National Strength and Conditioning Association Conference and have met a lot of really cool people, including Andy Haley, my editor at I’ve been writing for Stack since December of

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“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Winston Churchill I’ve done my fair share of bashing the supplement industry on this blog (here, here and here), and I’m not

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I can be a little on the stubborn side. If you’re an athlete, a lifter or a coach, you should be a bit stubborn. You have to stick to your guns if you want to be successful. Carve out a system

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I remember when I first started lifting, some of the real hardcore guys at the gym – you know, the manly-men with tank tops, leather gloves and those cute little belts that cinch at the waist – used these crazy things called “stacks”, these

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