ThePTDC – How to Design Better Warm Ups for Small Group Training Programs

kneeling glute mobs

We’re best known for training baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance, so not everyone knows that we also run a kickass bootcamp-style group exercise program called CSP Strength Camps. I credit much of my growth as a coach to shadowing Strength

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5 Strength Training Considerations for Runners


Spoiler alert: I have never been and never will be a runner. I’ve always shied away from long distance running because… well, I hated doing it. And when I did do it, it was painfully difficult. I’d much rather run to

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Posted in Lists, Tips and Tricks – The Top 10 Mistakes Athletes Make in the Weight Room

kenny powers

I fell in love with lifting as a college athlete. I’ll never forget the feeling of empowerment I got when I started the first lifting program given to us by our baseball coach. But here’s the thing – the plan was

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coffee bench

Yesterday I had the honor of writing a guest post for Eric Cressey’s website. If I could go back in time and tell my 18-year-old self that I’d get to write for Eric, I’d probably crap my pants (and not

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27 Lessons from 27 Years

birthday dog

Today is my 27th birthday. Looking back, 26 was pretty awesome. I got engaged. I got a job at one of the greatest training facilities on the planet. I won my first Best Lifter award. And of course, I met

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Posted in Lists – 7 Farmer’s Walk Variations for Improved Core Strength

farmers walk

Pick up something heavy. Carry it around. Put it down. Rest. Repeat. Can something this simple be too good to be true? Not in this case. Farmer’s walks build head-to-toe strength and coordination in a way that other weight room

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Posted in Lists, Articles – 3 Tricks for a Stronger Front Squat

sean front squat

I used to hate front squats. I mean HATE. Like, I’d rather do almost any exercise in the gym besides front squats. They’re uncomfortable and I could never seem to stay upright. My elbows would fall forward, my chest would

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