– 2 Pull-Over Variations Your Back Day Needs

arnold pullover

The Pull-over is an old-school bodybuilding exercise that was favored by greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman for its back-and-chest-building benefits. It’s pretty versatile, and just a few tweaks to your arm and elbow position can completely transform how

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How I Cured My Squat Woes (so You Can Too) – Part 3


Here’s the bad news: I had so many problems with my squat that I could break them into a 3-part article series (read part 1 and part 2 here). Here’s the good news: I fixed most of them and want

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How I Cured My Squat Woes (so You Can Too) – Part 2

tony squat

In part 1 of this series, I talked about how correcting my hand position helped clean up my squat technique. Next, I’ll talk about my bracing strategy and how one subtle fix completely changed how tight I could get during

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How I Cured My Squat Woes (so You Can Too) – Part 1


As a powerlifter, progress comes in waves. The other day, I was telling one of my clients (who’s preparing for his first powerlifting meet) that, unless you’re a true beginner, you’ll rarely see all three lifts go up steadily at

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DE deadlift

Strength coaches have long debated whether powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting methods are better for athletic performance enhancement. It’s a bit of a silly debate because most athletes are neither powerlifters nor Olympic weightlifters, so there’s no need to be married

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MyFitnessPal – 3 Quick Kettlebell Workouts Anyone Can Do

tony kb swing

In my first article for MyFitnessPal, I broke down the kettlebell swing into four parts and showed you how it’s really not as intimidating as it seems. But the 3 kettlebell workouts in my latest MFP article… now these might

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ThePTDC – How to Design Better Warm Ups for Small Group Training Programs

kneeling glute mobs

We’re best known for training baseball players at Cressey Sports Performance, so not everyone knows that we also run a kickass bootcamp-style group exercise program called CSP Strength Camps. I credit much of my growth as a coach to shadowing Strength

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