T-Nation: 4 Bench Press Lies

tnation bench pressI’m not an expert on many things. But if I had to list the top three things I’m most knowledgable about, it’s:

  • Metallica history
  • One-liners from Jaws and Jurassic Park
  • The bench press

And since my target audience doesn’t read any websites regarding the first two topics, I prefer to write about the bench press. And most recently, I wrote an article for Testosterone Nation about a handful of bench press lies that could be killing your progress. Hold on to your butts:


You see, people love to argue about raw benching (no supportive gear besides wrist wraps and a belt) vs. geared benching (using single- or multi-ply bench press shirts). And in the midst of these arguments, lots of terrific advice gets chewed up, spit out and misinterpreted to the point that it’s completely useless. That’s really sad, because in the end too many people care about being “right” instead of being strong.

If you’re dazed and confused by the advice being thrown around on internet message boards by keyboard warriors who wouldn’t bench a Q-tip, you’re in luck. I’ve cleared up the controversy and set the record straight. Click the link above to see if you’ve been duped by one of these four bench press fallacies.

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