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9 comments on “Contact
  1. Tom bouffard says:

    Hey Tony, I love the blog!

  2. Najam says:

    Hi Tony,

    With reference to My 3 Favorite Set and Rep Schemes for Fast Muscle Gains article, I didn’t find any specific exercise for shoulders, even military press as well. Is it intentional?

    • bill waud says:

      Tony I am a 53 year old male that has recently been dieting and have descended from 221 lbs. down to 204. I am very much interested in purchasing a kettlebell but have no idea what weight to purchase to begin my work outs. Using your videos to begin my quest. Can you please advise?

      Thanks again
      Bill Waud

  3. Scott schirmer says:

    Hey Tony
    Great series on fixing your squat wows. I’m having similar issues. I missed a max attempt yesterday when I did a mock meet.
    I couldn’t keep my knees from caving in. So I’m def going to implement some of your suggestions this cycle!

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