The Strength House Podcast – Episode 7 ft. Greg Nuckols

This week’s episode of The Strength House podcast is definitely the smartest so far. That’s because we’ve got Greg Nuckols – a literal genius and insanely strong dude to boot – who bestows all kinds of knowledge on us. We discuss how to interpret research, intelligent goal setting and how to fix common squat technique issues. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

First Pour: Trillium The Streets [2:02]

Beer Fact: How yeast impacts flavor [6:28]

Beer Fact: A quick history of beer [10:28]

Why Greg gets excited about research [13:13]

What the layperson should look for in a good study [20:09]

Examples of how Greg changed his training approach based on research [25:34]

Second Pour: Night Shift Fluffy [37:16]

How Greg uses process goals and the calendar method with his clients [45:54]

Tricks to fix common squat issues [53:42]

This week’s beer rankings [1:16:48]

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