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Technique Tuesday: Scapular Position During Pressing Exercises

scapular position

Scapular position during pressing exercises is crucial for strength and shoulder health. Should your scaps stay locked in one position? Should they move around? Some of both? The answer depends on what pressing exercise you’re doing. There are some crucial

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6 Ways to Improve Your Bench Press Lockout

bench press lockout

I used to think the bench press lockout was something raw lifters didn’t need to train. If you lifted raw and you missed at lockout, it was because you messed up something in your setup. Or so I thought. While the

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Technique Tuesday: Push Yourself Away from the Bar

“Push yourself away from the bar” is a common bench press cue that works great in theory, but gets butchered by many lifters. When done improperly, it not only saps you of strength but puts your shoulders in a potentially

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Bench Edition)

between sets

Last week’s Technique Tuesday discussed what you should do between sets of squats, so naturally, this week focuses on the bench press. Remember, your “A2” exercise should do one of three things: Mobilize (in this case, thoracic spine mobility) Activate

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10 Lessons from My First 400 Pound Bench Press

400 pound bench press

Two weeks ago, I completed my first 400 pound bench press. This had been a goal of mine since the second I hit my first 315 press, which was a LONG time ago. The journey from the 3’s to the

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Problem Solving with Paused Reps – Bench Press Edition

paused reps

Continuing on the theme of using paused reps to fix weak points, this installment addresses several bench press technique mistakes and how to use paused reps to eliminate them. (If you missed Part 1 of this series which covered paused

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Technique Tuesday: 2-for-1 Edition

I’ve been slacking the past week as I prepare for my wedding this weekend. Since I didn’t share my Technique Tuesday last week, you’ll get a double-dose this week. 2 Bench Press Habits You Need to Break Far too often

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