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4 Quick Tips for Bigger Arms

The weekend is here and that can only mean two things for the young adult male population – schmedium t-shirts and late-night attempts to impress the ladies. I haven’t looked at the data regarding the correlation between small shirts, big

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The Problem with Most Chest Exercises

What’s the hardest thing to do in the gym? Find an unoccupied bench press on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday…). Bench press is the most popular exercise in America because everyone wants a big, impressive chest. And somehow, the bench

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What’s In Your Gym Bag? 10 Training Tools Everyone Should Have – Part 2

In the first part of this post, we talked about five pieces of training equipment that everyone should have in their gym bag. Here are five more key tools that ensure you can get a great training session no matter

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10 Tips for Cranky Elbows, Part 1

I was pretty lucky during my college baseball career that I never suffered any of the “traditional” baseball injuries (rotator cuff, labrum, UCL, etc.). Minus a strained oblique during the first week of my senior season (an injury that is

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