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Technique Tuesday: 2 More Tips for Better Kettlebell Swings

kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are the best. They’ve got a place in nearly any program for any goal. I’ve talked about them before (here and here), but figured I’d dedicate this Technique Tuesday to fixing the “squat swing”. Sometimes you see lifters do

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Power Development for Powerlifters: 3 Underutilized Methods

power development

Power development for powerlifters sounds pretty redundant. I mean, they’ve got “power” in their name so they must be pretty powerful, right? Actually, powerlifters have the most deceiving title in all of strength sports. Strongmen are indeed strong and weightlifters

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Technique Tuesday: What Should You Do Between Sets? (Deadlift Edition)

between sets

Usually I prefer to cry in the corner by myself between sets of deadlifts (it’s historically been the most challenging of the powerlifts for me), but this week’s Technique Tuesday covers what to do between sets of heavy pulls. Our primary

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Technique Tuesday: 2-for-1 Edition

I’ve been slacking the past week as I prepare for my wedding this weekend. Since I didn’t share my Technique Tuesday last week, you’ll get a double-dose this week. 2 Bench Press Habits You Need to Break Far too often

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MyFitnessPal: 4 Simple Exercise Tweaks for Stronger Glutes

stronger glutes

By now, you probably know the best exercises for stronger glutes. Squats, deadlifts, swings, lunges, hip thrusts… these are not new ideas. But if you’ve ever coached them or done them yourself, you know that sometimes your quads or your

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MyFitnessPal – 3 Quick Kettlebell Workouts Anyone Can Do

In my first article for MyFitnessPal, I broke down the kettlebell swing into four parts and showed you how it’s really not as intimidating as it seems. But the 3 kettlebell workouts in my latest MFP article… now these might

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MyFitnessPal: Learn the Kettlebell Swing in 4 Easy Steps

I love kettlebell swings. This is not breaking news. I’ve written about them before (here and here) and I wrote about them again. This time, I wrote a piece for MyFitnessPal called “Learn the Kettlebell Swing in 4 Easy Steps“.

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