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5 More Deload Week Mistakes

At our Optimizing the Big 3 seminar this past weekend, we spent a good chunk of our lecture section talking about training philosophy and program design. When the topic of when to use a deload week came up, people had

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10 Deload Week Mistakes that are Hurting Your Recovery

If you’re reading this, my guess is you enjoy exercising, and not exercising is a foreign concept to you. But deloading – a purposeful reduction in training frequency, volume and/or intensity – is necessary to help your body and mind recover

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STACK.COM – 3 WAYS TO REDUCE DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS There’s a famous saying that “fatigue masks fitness.” Basically, we can rarely show 100 percent of our true athletic potential because we’re always under some sort of stress. This means

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Tabata Times – De-Iced: The End of the Cold War

Have you ever thrown an ice pack on sore muscles or achy joints, thinking you were helping the healing process? Did you ever stop to think that maybe you were HURTING – not helping – your recovery? This sounds like

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Posted in Uncategorized – Deloading: The Secret to Better Workout Recovery

The body is a fascinating machine. No matter what stressors you throw its way, it finds a way to adapt, however big or small the change. But when those changes aren’t as positive as you’d like or don’t come about as

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Posted in Articles, Tips and Tricks – Should Pitchers Ice After Throwing?

Superstition is as much a part of baseball as bats and bases. Spitting sunflower seeds, leaping over the foul line and not washing your lucky jock… none of these things make you a better baseball player, but good luck telling

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