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Technique Tuesday: Making Squats More Joint Friendly

When it comes to pain during squats, most people think knees, hips and lower back. But what if back squats bug your shoulders and elbows? Traditional low-bar back squatting can make these joints pretty cranky over time, especially if you’re

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Ways to Make Chin-Ups More Shoulder Friendly

Chin-ups are no doubt an excellent exercise to build upper body strength. A big strong upper back may be THE limiting factor in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, so chin-ups have a place in almost any powerlifting program. The

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Technique Tuesday: 3 Common Overhead Press Mistakes

The overhead press is a polarizing lift. People seem to either love it or hate. There are a few reasons for that: 1) It’s really hard to do correctly and 2) it’s hard to see the direct carryover to the bench

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Technique Tuesday – Shoulder Position During the Deadlift

This week’s Technique Tuesday explains the proper shoulder position during the deadlift. There’s a lot of confusion about what to do with the upper back and shoulders to lift maximum weight, and I’m here today to clear up that confusion. Spoiler

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Right Link/Wrong Link: Pushup Progressions

I like to keep things simple. Pushups are simple, so I like them. One of the most common exercise questions I hear people ask (right next to “how much ya bench?” and “are squats bad for your knees?” [answers: “Not

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3 Exercises to Keep Your Shoulders Healthy

We all know the famous quote by bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman: “Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but nobody wanna lift this heavy-ass weight.” But something similar could be said about the bench press: “Everybody wanna bench press a house, but

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4 Steps to Fix Your Squat

Squats are hands down my favorite exercise. They bring the full package – they can make you strong, huge AND athletic. They’re the exercise equivalent of the perfect woman – smart, funny AND beautiful. The problem is, squats are rarely

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