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Technique Tuesday: Progressing the Bench T-Spine Mobilization

bench t-spine mobilization

The Bench T-Spine Mobilization is one of my favorite mobility/stability drills. It does a little bit of everything: gives a good stretch in the lats and triceps, teaches good anterior core stiffness and grooves a hip hinge pattern. However, it’s

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How to Warm Up in 10 Minutes or Less

I had a good talk with a friend of mine the other day on my drive home. My former training partner and roommate during grad school, we were both pretty darn strong, but couldn’t be more different. He was simple, I

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Are You Making These 3 Deadlift Mistakes?

This past weekend I met up with a bunch of friends from grad school and trekked out west to Columbus, Ohio, for the Arnold Classic – the world’s largest expo of anything and everything related to fitness. It was awesome

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4 Steps to Fix Your Squat

Squats are hands down my favorite exercise. They bring the full package – they can make you strong, huge AND athletic. They’re the exercise equivalent of the perfect woman – smart, funny AND beautiful. The problem is, squats are rarely

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