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Powerlifting Meet Recap: Elite Total at 2015 Gate City Gauntlet

Last Saturday, I earned my first elite powerlifting total by totaling 1500 to win the 198 open amateur raw modern division (in knee sleeves) at the 2015 RPS Gate City Gauntlet in Nashua, New Hampshire. I went 9-for-9 and squatted

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10 Ways to Crush It at Your First Powerlifting Meet

This weekend I had the honor of coaching two amazing clients through their first powerlifting meet. Shayna and Bill both train with me at 212 Health & Performance and we’ve been prepping for the USAPL Massachusetts and Rhode Island Open

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Powerlifting Meet Recap – RPS Power Challenge

Seven was not a lucky number for me last week as I competed at the RPS Power Challenge, the seventh meet of my powerlifting career. Although I took first place in the 198 raw classic division, I fell well below

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Training Log – Openers for RPS Power Challenge

I’m one week out from the RPS Power Challenge in Everett, Mass., which will be the seventh meet of my powerlifting career. My goals are a double bodyweight bench (385) and a 1475 total, which qualifies as “Pro” in RPS.

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Powerlifting Meet Recap – RPS New England Revolution

I competed in the sixth powerlifting meet of my career last Saturday at the RPS New England Revolution in Johnston, R.I. I squatted 515, benched 365 and deadlifted 555 for a 1435 total at 198. That’s a 5-pound meet PR

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Training Log – Openers for RPS New England Revolution

deadlift hitching

I’ve kept pretty quiet about my own training since my last powerlifting meet because it’s been pretty unspectacular. Steady, consistent, but nothing extraordinary. The exciting part is that I’m now less than a week out from my next powerlifting meet,

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Training Log: Deadlift Training Day at Total Performance Sports

Last Saturday, my sister and I made our regular weekend trek to Total Performance Sports in Boston. Well, technically Everett, which is 20 minutes outside of Boston… just like every other town in Eastern Massachusetts. Anyone who’s read my blog

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